A Guide for Finding the Right Lawyer for a Social Security Disability Claim

Although you can apply for the social security disability insurance benefits by yourself, the process can be challenging to accomplish alone. You will need the services of a qualified lawyer with experience with similar cases to yours. Having someone who knows the application process and can represent you throughout the claims will boost your chances of getting the compensation.

What a Lawyer can do

A social security disability lawyer can guide you on your application and will initiate the process on your behalf. Besides applying for the benefits, they need to help you prepare a solid claim to ensure your application succeeds. Simple mistakes or failure to include certain documents can lead to a denial. However, an experienced attorney will help you gather evidence, which is essential to support your case.

There is a lot a lawyer can do, and it would help to find the right legal representative for your case. They could help you appeal the case if you did not qualify with the initial try. A social security disability will help with the arguments in an administrative court. Chances of getting a favorable outcome increases if you have someone who understands the law. An attorney practicing in your state will be available to guide you through your social security disability claims.

Finding a Qualified Attorney

You can find many attorneys who can represent you and assist with social disability claims. The internet can link you to the lawyers operating in your locality. However, there are chances of finding fraudsters claiming to offer the services over the internet. So, it would help to vet the individuals to ensure you get professionals for the job. Search for reputable firms with skilled personnel to support your claims.

The federal social security agency has a database of attorneys and advocates who can assist you with your application. Non-governmental organizations have lawyers who seek to help people with disabilities benefit from the program. You must write to the agency informing them about your legal representation. The form is available on their website, and both parties need to sign the document.

The Cost

Contacting a social security disability lawyer will not cost you, unlike other instances when you need legal help. The professionals charge their services on a contingency fee which means they get payments after case completion. A social security officer will authorize the agreement to make it valid. The agency will pay your legal representative their due directly from their account after a successful claim.

The Final Thoughts

It is advisable to commence the application process as soon as possible. Consider hiring a lawyer to initiate the process since the social security agency will not pay for previous entitlements if you have had a disability. However, they will pay for the period you wait for your case to go through. The law sets the back payment at 25% of the monthly benefits or a standard sum. Typically, the claims will take less than five months, but the process may take longer due to appeals and information sourcing.

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