Four Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want Personal Injury Claimants to Know

After you get into an accident, you should know the steps to make sure you get the settlement you legally deserve. However, insurance providers usually make it hard for victims to process their claims successfully. As a result, victims won’t be able to concentrate on their recovery properly and move on with their lives. This makes it important to work with an experienced Stockton personal injury attorney

If you are one of these victims, you must know that insurance providers are not on your side. They are looking to pay out as little as possible. Because of these, there are things they do not want you to know to make it harder for you to receive the compensation you deserve. These include the following:

They May Use Your Statement Against You

After an accident, you may feel traumatized, particularly when you sustained a severe injury. It can be hard to get your thoughts together during this time and giving a clear statement on your accident may not be possible. Because of this, you should avoid giving any recorded statements before you consult with a lawyer. Insurance adjusters will use whatever you may say against you. 

You Can Talk to Your Lawyer First

Right after your accident, you may contact your insurance provider first. The other party involved in the accident may try to get you to give a statement to the insurer. But, you don’t need to talk to an insurance adjuster before you speak with a lawyer. When you contact your attorney first, you can get expert advice on how to handle conversations with the adjuster and the mistakes you should not make that can ruin your case.

They Will Offer a Settlement that is Lower than You Deserve

Often, insurance companies will immediately make a settlement offer as soon as they are notified about an accident that involved their policyholder. However, this offer is much lower than what you are owed. They make this early offer hoping you will accept it in desperation. But, if you have an attorney negotiating for you, the insurance adjuster will usually be forced to make a fair offer. 

They Protect their Interests, Not Yours

Keep in mind that insurance providers are for-profit businesses that focus on maximizing their revenue. Although an insurance adjuster may seem friendly when they approach you, they are trained to trick you into believing they work for you. But, the truth is that they only care about the interest of the company they work for. 

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