Sexual harassment in Connecticut: Contact an employment lawyer!

There’s often a very thin line between flirting and sexual harassment. If you have a co-worker, who has been passing sexual comments, you may have a case of sexual harassment. In the real world, sexual harassment may refer to many things and circumstances. For instance – When you were asked for a sexual favor and were denied a promotion because you refused, it is certainly a case of sexual harassment. This is something that you must take on priority, and in this post, we are sharing more on the subject and why you should consult an employment lawyer

Understanding sexual harassment

Sexual harassment has been defined under Connecticut General Statutes Section 46a-60(8). A good example of this would be “quid pro quo” harassment, where an employee is offered an advantage (such as a promotion) if they agree to sexual favors or requests from a supervisor. There is no reason why you should tolerate anything like that. It is a form of workplace harassment, and keep in mind that it can happen to men and women alike. There is also the case of hostile work environment, where an employee cannot work, or feels uncomfortable because they have been subjected to sexual remarks or comments. 

Can the employer be held liable?

Every company has its own policies to deal with cases related to workplace harassment. When you complain about sexual harassment, your company should take action against the person at fault, no matter who that is. If your employer doesn’t take necessary action, the company can be held liable for their action. 

Do you need to hire an attorney?

Yes, absolutely. Keep in mind that just because you believe that you have a case doesn’t always translate into legal action. You need an employment lawyer, so that you can evaluate the merit, strengths, and weaknesses of your case. At the end of the day, if you are filing a complaint, you should be able to prove the same, and your attorney has a big role in that. Depending on what consequences or inconvenience you have suffered because of sexual harassment, you may get back pay, seek reinstatement, and even seek punitive damages. 

The first meeting with an attorney doesn’t usually cost anything, and it makes sense to seek an appointment at the least. Find an attorney, who has represented clients in sexual harassment cases in particular, as experience and expertise will matter over everything else. 

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