3 Things To Do if You Get Arrested

The law is complicated and sometimes, despite your best intentions, you might find yourself on the wrong side of it. If you ever get arrested, make sure to follow all instructions from the police. Once you are at the police station, make sure to do the following things to make your journey through the legal system smoother.

1. Get a Lawyer

When you are arrested, one of your rights is to remain silent until you are able to meet with a lawyer. If you don’t have the funds to hire an outside attorney, you can get representation from a public defender. Your lawyer can be in the interview room while you are being questioned and will assist you in answering the questions while not incriminating yourself. You can also meet with the lawyer privately to determine what you should do.

2. Have a Bail Hearing

After you are arrested and questioned, you will have a hearing to determine if you are able to be released on bail. Many people are not able to afford bail upfront and will work with a bail bond agent PA.  A good agent will be able to get you out of jail quickly so you can return home to prepare for your trial. Remember, you must show up for later court dates or you could be on the hook for the bail.

3. Prepare for Trial

Unless for some reason the charges against you are dropped, you will need to prepare for trial. You will work with your attorney to prove your innocence. They will work to gather evidence and meet with witnesses. As all this is happening, the state will be building its case against you. You might be required to attend interviews and depositions. Always consult with your lawyer before these meetings so you are able to prepare. You may also be offered deals that you should consider carefully.

Finding yourself arrested and in jail can be extremely scary and you might forget the rights allowed to you by law. Try to keep calm and insist on meeting with your lawyer. Their advice will help you when it comes time to go to trial. Meeting with a bail bondsman will get you home quickly, where you will have a better opportunity to research your case than you would in jail. The law does not move quickly, though, so be prepared for a wait.

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