Today, it is easier to file for a divorce by yourself. You can even get the forms online, fill them out and follow the right process to end your marriage. However, this do-it-yourself approach doesn’t work for everyone. You may have to engage a divorce attorney at some point. One of the most challenging questions many divorcing spouses deal with is whether to engage a divorce lawyer or not.

Well, the more complicated the divorce case is, the more you need a divorce attorney for legal advice and expertise. Divorce impacts your financial life, custody, assets, and so much more. Let’s look at some of the divorce complications that require the expertise of a divorce lawyer Toronto.

Division of assets

The more property and assets you have as a couple, the more complex the divorce case gets. Family assets such as homes, cars, retirement benefits, insurance, and bank accounts can complicate a divorce case. While in some states, the law requires that the assets be divided equally between the spouses, other courts view the property as belonging to the spouse who earned it.

Spouses can work amicably in assets division, but the case gets complicated when conflicts arise. In such a case engaging a divorce attorney from mlawgroup.ca is advisable.

Child custody

Divorce is even more complex when kids are involved. In most times, divorce cases get heated due to child custody conflicts because each spouse is fighting for the custody of the kids. Although it is possible to work out a parenting plan between you and your ex-spouse, this can influence your decision to hire a lawyer or not. In situations where things get hectic and complex, it is advisable to seek legal advice from a divorce attorney. When it comes to child custody, the court is mandated to do best for the children’s interests.

Child support

Child support is a necessity when kids are involved in a divorce proceeding. How child support affects you has more to do with the child custody situation. Ideally, the parent with the most overnights receives child support from the other. Different courts use different criteria to determine child support, but income comes into play during such a situation. Child support needs to be accounted for include shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care, and other needs. It is advisable to bring in a divorce attorney in such a situation.

Spousal support

Child support has a formula in most courts, but spousal support is less systematic. The court evaluates many aspects when determining whether or not to award spousal support. That includes the length of the marriage, need, age, health concerns, earning potential, future employment concerns, etc. Spousal support can continue indefinitely or run for a certain period as the court decides. However, the court doesn’t award spousal support in all divorce cases. In such a case, a lawyer can ensure you get enough to meet your financial needs or protect you from paying more than you should or can afford.


The division of assets, child custody, child support, and spousal support can impact your future financial life, which is why you need legal expertise from a divorce attorney.

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