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How to Customize a Rental Lease Agreement for Your Needs?

A Residential Rental Lease Agreement is a form of contract which mentions the responsibilities and rights of tenants as well as landlords. It is controlled by tenant as well as landlord laws that are related to the state or province a tenant is leasing on rent. You have to know your local tenant and landlord law, for creating such an agreement. Here are some of the tips to help you customize a rental lease agreement Ohio as per your needs.

Tenant’s responsibility

For the rental of multi-family, duplex or single house properties, you may include some clause which declares that it is the responsibility of the tenant to deal with lawn mowing, garbage removal and snow removal. You can get relief from all such routine activities due to such a clause.

In order to prevent moving out of the mess, you may include a clause which states that the house / apartment must be cleaned by the tenant. He / she needs to remove all the personal belongings and garbage from the property, as per the move-out checklist. In case the tenant is unable to do that, he would be billed for the cleaning costs that you – the landlord – incurs. Once the tenant moves out, your cleaning work can be significantly reduced by such a clause.

Mode of payment

The lease agreement form also needs to mention the payment mode. It has to stipulate whether the rental payment would be conducted with the help of post-dated checks, so that there is no need to make rent collection every month. For your own convenience, it is recommended that you specify the exact date – generally the first date of every month – as the date of payment.

Rise in lease rental amount

You should never be afraid to mention whether there is any increase in rental sum in the lease. Any tenant, who is reasonable tenant, knows the significance of the rise of maintenance and utility expenses. He / she will not be scared by a rise of 2 to 5%. In case you want to waive the rise, you will do a favor to the renter.

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