How To Handle A Debt Collection Lawsuit

Loans have become a part of everyone’s life in today’s world. Especially, post the pandemic people have suffered tremendous losses in jobs as well as businesses, and seeking debt assistance has been the only option for many to stay afloat. However, while taking a loan no one can be a hundred percent sure that they will be able to turn things around and stay steady with the repayments. As soon as someone reaches a pitfall and defaults on loan payments harassment from various debt collection agencies starts pouring in. In some extreme cases, some borrowers are also served with an LVNV funding lawsuit. Any lawsuit can be scary therefore, people should know the right way to deal with them.

What is an LVNV Funding?

LVNV Funding is nothing but a company that purchases existing bad debts from the original creditors and then tries to recover them. Since the company is already investing in a debt that has not been paid by the borrower, this organization tries various extreme measures to recover the funds from the original debtors. In the process, often a lot of harassment is often subjected to the borrowers which can be mental or financial. Suing the borrower and dragging them to court for repayment is the ultimate step that LVNV Funding takes to recover the money.

What to do on Receiving an LVNV Law Suit?

It is obvious for anyone who is struggling to pay a debt to be intimidated and break down upon receiving a lawsuit. However, it is important for everyone to remember that with the right approach and the appropriate guidance of an attorney an LVNV funding lawsuit can also be turned around in the favor of the borrower. When served with a lawsuit, one needs to:

  • Pay attention to all the paperwork they have received and read them thoroughly. This is a crucial step as it forms the basis of the case. It might be difficult for any layman to understand, however, the borrower should still read it and check if all the amounts and dates have been mentioned correctly.
  • The next step is to seek help from a reliable attorney who specializes in debt collection harassment. Here, it is important to find a lawyer who can understand the case and put their best foot forward.
  • Once the attorney has understood the case and read the paperwork thoroughly, it is time to send a response to the There are often state-specific timelines in the United States therefore, it is important to abide by them.
  • After this the proceedings for the LVNV funding lawsuit will begin, it is important to trust the attorney and let them negotiate and figure out the best-suited settlement options that can be beneficial.


Debt collection harassment can take a toll on anyone’s mental health and productivity. Therefore, this kind of harassment should never be taken lightly and anyone who faces such lawsuits should seek assistance from an efficient attorney and fight for what is right.

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