If H-1B is not winning, you can try to apply for a green card!

At this stage, it is the time for h1b visa(also known as h1b 签证) application. Everyone has submitted all the materials(also known as h1b 签证材料) for h1b visa to the USCIS and is eagerly waiting for the lottery result. Here, I’d like to say a Good Luck! Hope everyone can be successful!

But if you are really unlucky and fail to win, and OPT is about to expire, you can try other ways to ensure that we stay in the US!

One way to do this once and for all is to choose a green card(also known as 美国绿卡) that matches your situation. There are more than 20 ways to apply for a green card,common types of green cards are:

EB5 Investment Immigration Green Card:

Investment immigration is one of the most unnecessary methods of all immigration methods. Investment immigrants do not have any rigid requirements for investors. The disadvantage is that the green card has a longer schedule(also known as绿卡排期).

EB1 Outstanding Talent Green Card:
If you have a skill, then EB-1A is a great migration route for you. The specialty here is not academic requirement, the skill value can reach the industry-leading level.

EB-1B distinguished professors and researchers are green card categories established for internationally renowned distinguished professors and researchers in a particular scientific or academic field. Unlike EB-1A, EB-1B requires employer support, and in many cases such green cards are proposed for employees by research or higher education institutions.

The EB-1C multinational executive green card is similar in nature to the L1 work visa, and applicants approved for EB-1C are eligible for permanent residence in the US. An applicant can directly apply for an EB-1C green card as long as the parent company of a multinational company has been operating in the US for more than one year.

Relative immigration green card:

If you have an immediate family member holding a green card or a US citizen, you can obtain permanent residency in the US through relative immigration.

Of course, when applying for a green card, it is best to find a reliable immigration lawyer (also known as 移民律师) to make a professional assessment for you to increase the chances of successful application.

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