Law WORST law firm in Arizona

Address: 6833 East ACOMA Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Communication with Izzy and his staff was somewhere between difficult and impossible.  I had to CONSTANTLY keep calling for updates. I never knew what was going on with my case unless I ASKED.  When I would finally talk to them for an update, it was NEVER good news.  They would say “two weeks ago when we spoke with the other insurance company happened”… and I was completely unaware that he’d spoken to them at all, or what was going on.

Keep in mind, Izzy is incredibly easy to work with…… at first….  He was responsive and very nice, and that is the scam right there.  He just acts that way to get the retainer out of you.  Once you’ve paid, your screwed.

He happily took my initial startup fees and then went right to sleep in handling my case, blowing off deadlines. I was left to do all the work and follow-up representing myself.  I felt that I had all the evidence in the world in my favor but Izzy just kept encouraging and even threatening me to sign to settle and dismiss.  As soon as the bills start coming at you and you bring up the subject of fees and hours, that is where his fake kindness quickly vanishes and his true money-hungry attitude becomes apparent.  Did not do enough due diligence or any other kind of effort at all in my case, and took my money for a defense was that was dull and underwhelming.

He is a charming smooth talker in order to get you to sign up and that’s where it ends.  Izzy DID NOT perform the services he was hired for and of course REFUSED to issue a refund.

Izzy Yetnikoff is a fundamentally lazy half-wit who does what’s EASIEST and MOST PROFITABLE for him, NOT what’s BEST for you or your case.  If you don’t do What he says, your constantly being threatened to be dropped as a client.  By then you have already paid all these fees and have no option for any refunds.  You are at Izzy’s mercy, and can do nothing about it, and it is extremely aggravating!  Total waste of my time and my hard-earned money!

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