Stepping Up Your Commute by Stepping Down Your Fossil Fuel Usage

You hear a lot about the harm that fossil fuels do to the environment, increasing global warming and polluting oceans. If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, here are a few ways to decrease your reliance on fossil fuels such as gasoline.

Take Public Transportation

Public transportation generally relies on fossil fuels, unless your local train system is powered by magnets. However, because so many people use the same vehicles, the effect of burning oil or gasoline is mitigated. Instead of driving to work or school, take the train or bus. If you’re outside the nearest city’s service area, contact your local transportation office to find out about MTA capital improvement New York City.

Carpool With Friends and Neighbors

While you’re waiting for public transportation to expand, start a carpool with a few people in your area. Make a rotating schedule so that you all split the cost evenly. For example, if you and four friends have children at the same school, have everyone take a day of the week to drive the kids. This approach not only lessens your carbon footprint but also decreases your gas bills and your car’s wear-and-tear. If you’re having trouble finding people to carpool with, turn to apps such as Carma Carpool, Trees for Cars, and Sidecar.

Consolidate Errands

Thanks to your car, if you realize you need something after you get home, you can simply get back on the road. While this lifestyle is convenient, it’s also terrible for the environment. At the start of the week, make a list of all the errands you need to run and find ways to consolidate them so that you’re never driving to the store for one item. If possible, do your shopping on the way home from work to further reduce your gas usage.

Start Walking

Most people only walk to get exercise, but there’s no reason why you can’t combine your physical activity with your environmental efforts. Even stores that are a mile away present great opportunities for an extra workout, especially if you’re buying groceries or something heavy. Invest in a good backpack or wagon so that you can still get everything you need.

It’s time to get creative in the ways you get to school, work, and stores. While it takes more energy to take the train or walk to the store, these actions are investments in your future and that of the planet.

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