Things Spouses Must Avoid During Legal Separation

Legal separation occurs when a married couple mutually decides to take some time off from living together either informally or with the court’s help. The concept of separation determines the outcome of a failing marriage, allowing the couple to settle their issues with distance. Contact a Foothill Ranch Family Law professional to seek the proper legal guidance for your case.

However, there are various precautions that one should take after opting for legal separation. One wrong move can land you in legal consequences. 

 If you are legally separated from your spouse, make sure to avoid doing the following things:

  • Not allowing your child to meet the other parent

The process of separation tends to be hard on couples, but children suffer a lot as well. They end up blaming themselves. In order to avoid this, make sure to have healthy communication with your child and allow them to meet and spend time with them. Bonding with parents is essential for the growth of children.

  • Rushing into a new relationship

Do not move into a new relationship immediately after separation. You may have a lot of emotional baggage from your previous relationship, which can hamper all aspects of your life. After separation, you should focus on healing yourself. Internal growth is necessary to process things. Immediately getting into a relationship or flings after a divorce can also make you look disrespectful and desperate as well. Instead of seeking flings, try focusing on your child’s relationship.

  • Publicizing your split

Make sure to steer clear of social media regarding your separation. It will cause unnecessary issues for you, so it is better to stay private.

  • Speaking ill of your partner

You should avoid badmouthing your partner at all costs, especially in front of your children, as this will set the wrong precedent. Make sure to practice basic decency and respect for your partner instead of saying degrading things about them.

  • Ending things on bad terms

Separation mainly results in divorces. Couples should avoid bitter and messy endings and try to be on amicable terms. It helps to prevent further issues regarding child custody, visitation rules, and other problems that may arise after a divorce. Try to resolve any bad blood by apologizing to your partner and clearly communicating your expectations. Peacefully splitting the marriage can result in a better relationship with the child. The child can feel the present resentment and bitterness between the couple, making them pick sides. This can cause trauma and emotional pain to a child.

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