What Is The Role Of A Probate Lawyer?

Estate planning enables individuals to plan for the management and distribution of their assets in the event of death or incapacitation. It involves several legal procedures such as creating wills, and trusts, choosing an executor and beneficiaries, and making provisions to pay taxes. In probate, the authenticity and validity of the will created by the individual are determined after their death. 

The legal process is complex and needs a deep understanding of the pertinent laws. You must consult a Ridgeland probate estate administration lawyer to assist you with the probate process and estate administration or act as the executor after a loved one passes away with or without a will. 

What does a probate lawyer do?

A probate lawyer plays a significant role in administering a person’s estate after their death, regardless of whether they leave behind a will. A will is a document that states the person’s wishes regarding the distribution of their property and who will execute the will. 

  • When there is a will. 

Many family members and executors seek the expertise of a probate lawyer to understand the probate laws that will affect the estate. In many situations, certain members also dispute the will, stating reasons such as it was forged or the creator lacked testamentary capacity. A qualified lawyer investigates to determine whether these allegations are true and ensures that it is valid before it is enforced. They also provide comprehensive legal advice that allows beneficiaries and executors to make the right decisions. 

  • When there is no will. 

Every state has its unique intestacy laws. An individual that dies without a will is said to have died intestate, and all their property is distributed according to the regulations set by the state. The court appoints an administrator that is responsible for managing the estate, and a lawyer can aid them. It is always recommended to create a will and plan your state efficiently to ensure that your estate is distributed how you want and your family’s future is secure. 

The death of a loved one is devastating, and a complex legal procedure only adds to your distress. An experienced probate lawyer in Ridgeland allows you to understand the legal proceedings and clear any confusion you may have. They carry out an extensive list of tasks to administrate the deceased individual’s estate and ensure it is executed according to their wishes. Their presence helps you attain peace of mind and relieves you of stress. 

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