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Car crashes are stressful. Unfortunately, they are difficult to control apart from following traffic rules and driving carefully. However, you can choose to control what happens immediately after a car crash.

The steps you take can determine what direction your car accident case takes or whether you receive compensation or not. In addition to contacting a Birmingham car accident lawyer, here are a few steps to take after a car crash.

Check yourself for injuries.

Health comes before anything else. When you’re involved in a car crash and are still conscious, first check yourself for physical injuries. Then check the other people involved, too. If there are any injuries, seek medical attention immediately and call the police. Medical personnel will offer first aid to the injured passengers and move them to the hospital immediately.

Seek medical attention.

Since you are not sure if you have suffered internal injuries, seek medical attention immediately. Let the doctor run tests on you and examine you to find out whether you sustained any internal injuries. Obtain medical records and keep them organized.

Stay on the accident scene.

Do not leave the scene of the accident unless the police have arrived. Leaving could be counted against you and considered fleeing the scene. You may lose your chance to file a lawsuit and seek compensation.

Record your statement.

When the police arrive, record your statement as truthfully as possible. If you are not sure of anything, instead of guessing, just say so. The police will ask you if you have suffered any injuries.

If you do not have any physical injury, it is better to say that you are not sure. That’s because you never know if you have suffered an internal injury such as internal bleeding or a brain injury that could take a few days to manifest. Listen to the other driver’s statement to ensure they record the right thing, too.

Collect evidence.

Before the towing vehicle pulls over, take pictures of the accident scene as evidence for your records. If you have a camera, take videos too and record the happenings in your notebook. Collect the other driver’s details, including their license number, insurance company, vehicle registration, and contact information.

If there are witnesses, request their contact information, as you may need their witness statements later down the line. Since insurance companies may try to sabotage your case, ensure you have a way of showing that you took the photos and videos on the accident’s exact day and time.

Notify your insurance company.

Call your insurance company immediately after and let them know your car has been involved in a crash. You can send them the photos to back your statement up so that the claim process will be more straightforward.

Seek a car accident lawyer

You may try settling things with the insurance companies involved, but that is never advisable without the presence of a lawyer. Note that insurance companies will do everything to devalue your case, and may even delay sending you compensation so that you get tired of pursuing it. To be on the safe side, seek legal counsel from a car accident attorney who will help you pursue rightful compensation for your losses.

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