What To Do If You’ve Been Involved In A Car Crash

Accidents involving commercial trucks regularly result in serious injuries as a result of the great strength of the vehicles. Sometimes, those who have been injured in an accident aren’t clear who or how to hold accountable for their losses.

If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, contact a car accident lawyer in Jasper AL for competent legal representation. If you’ve been injured in an accident, we can help you understand your legal options and fight for fair compensation.


Economists refer to economic damages as those that can be directly linked to specific losses in the economy. Medical fees will pile up if you were hurt in the accident and need to see a doctor.

Lost wages from time away from work due to medical treatment are another type of economic loss that occurs as a result of a truck accident.

A truck’s size can have an impact on the monetary value of economic damages in a collision. The severity of your injuries is directly proportional to the size of the vehicle involved. The cost of your treatment will go up because of this.

The amount of money you lose can be greatly influenced by the sort of truck you’re using and the cargo it carries. Some of the most common truck models include:

Transporter trucks are so large that they cannot be driven on public roads without a permit. Mining trucks, including ballast tractors and haul trucks, fall within this category.

Trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating over 33,000 lbs. Some examples include garbage trucks, cement mixers, fridge trucks, and log haulers.

Medium-sized trucks – These vehicles weigh between 14,001 and 26,000 pounds and are classified as such. Firetrucks, motorhomes, and platform trucks are just a few examples.

This type of vehicle can weigh up to 14,000 pounds and might be classified as a light truck. Tow trucks, panel trucks, and delivery trucks all fall under this category.

Tractor-tanker oilers

Liquefied natural gas and oil can be transported by oiler tanker trucks. These trucks are extremely hazardous on the road due to their explosive nature.

Explosions and fires are possible outcomes of an accident involving one of these trucks. The damages a victim can get from an oil tanker truck accident can be enormous because of the severity of the damage inflicted.

Injuries that aren’t just economic

Damages for pain and suffering that can’t be quantified may also be included in your claim. The following are examples of non-economic damages:

  • affliction and discomfort
  • Intense mental anguish
  • Discontentment with one’s lot in life
  • Inconvenience

These damages are only worth what you can prove, such as through a daily journal detailing your pain and suffering, medical records, and evidence from medical professionals who can attest to the non-economic consequences of your harm.


Other damages are meant to compensate you for your losses and make you whole again. Punitive damages, on the other hand, are meant to punish you. In order to penalize the offender or deter future offenses, certain punishments are used.

Punitive damages are typically awarded only in cases involving willful misconduct or reckless disregard for the safety of others for which the defendant bears some responsibility.

Workers’ Compensation Damages

Workers’ compensation may be available to you if the accident occurred while you were on the clock at work. A truck driver’s compensation claim may be valid even if he or she was partially at fault for the accident or was operating a company vehicle while on the clock.

Compensation for workers’ compensation losses includes a portion of lost wages as well as reimbursement for medical expenses. Depending on the extent of the harm, you may be eligible for a lump-sum payout or death benefits.

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