4 Facts You Need to Know About a DUI Arrest and How to Get Released Quickly (Ticket to Freedom – How to FInd an Experienced BBA

Picture this: you’re out with friends celebrating or simply blowing off steam with co-workers at your local sports bar while enjoying a few brews. It’s a fun evening, but you realize that it’s time to go. You ate a light dinner before leaving home because you knew you’d be sharing appetizers with the group. Being extra vigilant, you’ve kept hydrated by drinking water along with the few alcoholic drinks you’ve consumed throughout the evening. You feel happy having spent time laughing and swapping stories with good friends. When driving home, a DUI police roadblock abruptly stops you. Read on to learn some valuable tips that could save you tons of cash and even jail time.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

Remember everything you say will be used against you in court as your every word and action is on video. These DUI roadblocks intend to showcase apparent inebriation. The less said, the better for you. The authoritative police officers are highly skilled in using your nervous naivete to their advantage. When you’re extraordinarily stressed, they understand that you’ll probably tell them enough to ask you to step out of the car and perform a field sobriety test which leads to tip number 2:

Respectfully Decline the Field Sobriety Test

Many people don’t know that it’s well within your rights to decline the field sobriety test. These roadside tests strive to make the individual appear as intoxicated as possible. Even a thoroughly sober individual can’t pass this test. If you refuse a breathalyzer or chemical test, the ramifications can be severe. However, the laws of each state are different, so it’s essential to check with an attorney who specializes in DUI cases to be sure.

If Arrested Contact a Reputable Bail Bond Agent

If the worst-case scenario happens and you’re arrested and can’t afford the bond set by the court, contact a reputable bail bond agent who can secure your release quickly and for a fraction of the full amount. When researching bail bonds Allentown PA be sure to ask about their experience and hours of operation. The best bond dealers are available 24/7.

Having a Drivers License is a Privilege, Not a Right

Unfortunately, if your driver’s license is suspended, you have virtually no recourse for reinstatement other than to wait it out.

If stopped, remember always to be respectful and under no circumstances act belligerently toward the police officer. When commanded to do something and you’re unsure if you have the right to decline, respectfully ask the officer and always follow orders.

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