The moment you get into a car accident, there is a lot of things that are happening. Especially when someone has been severely injured. The first instinct is always to check whether everyone who has been involved in the accident is safe or not. It is only imperative that you reach out to a Car Accident Lawyer Toronto as soon as possible after the accident. Having access to legal resources will help to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries and damages that you have sustained.

What to do right after the accident has taken place?

Right after the accident, make sure you note down the details of the accident. Make sure that the police record the scene, along with the details of the passengers who were involved in the accident. Also, get the contact details of the officer who would be carrying out the investigation. Note down the names and contact information if there are any other witnesses. Take photographic evidence of the accident. Irrespective of whether you have been seriously injured or not, you need to undergo a check-up. Sometimes even a negligible injury can cause issues in the longer run.

Can an injured passenger claim compensation?

A passenger who has been injured in the accident also has the right to file a claim. Usually, the passenger of the car is never at fault. In case the passenger has been injured, the insurer of the vehicle needs to be held liable, especially when the injuries are severe. Filing a ‘no fault’ claim can help the insured to get the benefits irrespective of who caused the accident.

Can an injured passenger sue the driver?

An injured passenger does have the right to take legal action against the driver. In most cases, it is the driver’s insurance company that will be defending your claim or paying the compensation which has been decided through litigation or mediation. Even if someone close to you caused the accident in which you were severely injured you can sue them and hold them liable for the accident. You shouldn’t be reluctant in filing the lawsuit, as it is the insurance company that will end up paying the claim. This claim would include the amount that you have spent as a legal fee.

Are passengers covered by car insurance?

There are laws that dictate that all car insurance policies need to provide a cover for the passenger. In cases where the passenger was injured due to the fault of another driver, then they can file a lawsuit against that driver’s insurance. If neither of the parties is insured, the injured person can still get a cover from the Motor Vehicle claims Fund.

Reach out to a legal expert

When you are filing for a claim as an injured passenger you might find yourself a bit lost. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will help you to navigate these unknown waters. They will work hard to help you get the compensation you truly deserve.

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