4 Tips To Stay in Touch With a Loved One in Jail

Seeing a friend or family member go to jail for any length of time can be troubling. You may be worried about your loved one’s welfare while he or she is away, or you may even need this person’s advice about how to help with certain responsibilities on the outside. No matter the situation, there are often ways you can maintain communication with inmates.

1. Do Your Research

As soon as you find out where you friend or family member is being held, be sure to get as much information you can about the rules of that facility. If your loved one is awaiting a court date, you may even be able to help by looking into bail bonds Scranton PA. If your friend has already been sentenced, be sure to find out whether you can send physical mail or connect with him or her over email or a messaging app.

2. Initiate the Conversation

In some instances, you may have to simply await a call from an inmate; however, if you have the means to reach out, be sure to do so. Depending on the type of relationship you have with this person, he or she may not know whether you want to stay in touch. When possible, be the first one to send a letter or other type of communication to let your loved one know you care.

3. Provide Funds

Certain facilities allow incarcerated persons to communicate with family using specified apps. Some of these platforms are not free, however, and inmates may not be able to add money of their own. Be prepared to provide a small amount of money so your loved one can make calls.

4. Stay Positive

A final tip to keep in mind is that your friend or family member is likely experiencing some degree of stress, so it is best to keep your communication lighthearted and encouraging. Consider sharing a bit about what is going on in your life, asking about how your loved one passes the time and providing a hopeful outlook for the future.

When someone you care about goes to jail, you both may feel helpless about how to stay connected in these circumstances. Even so, there may be several concrete steps you can take to maintain communication. This may help time pass more easily for you both and keep your relationship strong until he or she is released.

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