Four Common Misconceptions Surrounding Workplace Discrimination in New Jersey

Workplace discrimination can take a lot of forms; however, they are illegal. Sometimes, you may be discriminated against because of your race, age, disability, gender, religion, familial status, or nationality. No matter the reason for discrimination, no employee deserves to be treated differently in the workplace. Although the majority of people think that employment discrimination is easy to understand, it is a complex issue that results in several misconceptions. The following are the most common misconceptions surrounding employment discrimination in New Jersey:

You Can File a Discrimination Suit Against a Boss for Being Mean

You have probably dealt with an unpleasant and grouchy employer who tends to say mean things to you and others. You may feel they have discriminated against you for being too quiet, too talkative, or for liking dogs. But, anti-discrimination laws only apply when your employer treated you harshly or unfairly because of a characteristic covered under the law. 

All Employees Over a Certain Age are Protected

Some employees are discriminated against in the workplace because of their age. But, a lot of older workers think that the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 protects them. This law protects some job applicants and workers who are at least 40 years old from discrimination based on age in recruitment, promotion, discharge, privileges, compensation, or employment terms and conditions. The Act only gives protection to workers who are eligible under specific guidelines, including those who have a private employer with a minimum of 20 employees at least 20 weeks of the year. 

Only Women and Minorities are Protected by Discrimination Laws

Discrimination laws are not only for women and minorities. Each employee has their own gender, religion, race, and natural origin, they have the right to be protected under workplace discrimination laws.  Any employee, regardless of gender or status, can be discriminated against. Every person who experiences workplace discrimination has the right to bring their discrimination complaint to the proper authorities.

There’s Not Much a Discriminated Employee can Do

If you have been discriminated against in the workplace because of your age, national origin, religion, gender, or other factors, you have the power. This action is not legal and you must do something about it if you experience it. Report the complaint to a manager or to HR. If they don’t do anything, file a complaint with the local, state, or federal government. An experienced discrimination attorney will take your case further, so your complaint can be given appropriate attention. 

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