How to Go About Filing an Insurance Claim with the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Carrier

After a car accident that costs you an injury, you want to recover your losses by filing an insurance claim. In Colorado, each driver should buy and maintain auto insurance coverage that meets state minimum requirements. But, although the minimums may seem generous, recovering the full amount of your losses through an insurance claim is often challenging. In addition, the at-fault driver may argue that they did not cause the accident or try to cast blame for the crash on you. If you are filing an insurance claim you need to understand the claim process and what to expect. 

Starting the Claim Filing Process

If you sustained an injury caused by another driver, you need to collect evidence from the accident scene to support your claim. Also, you will need this evidence in future legal actions against the negligent driver. If possible, take photographs of the damage to your car, your injuries, and the positions of the vehicles after the accident. 

In Colorado, drivers are obliged by law to report all car accidents that lead to injuries or property damage to the police. The police will make an accident report that can prove the existence of your accident and injury. 

Before you file an insurance claim with the insurance carrier of the other driver, make sure you have sufficient documentation to send along with your claim letter. Also, review your own insurance policy to know your reporting obligations to your insurance provider. 

How to Interact with the Claims Adjuster

Hiring a skilled pueblo car accident lawyer to assist with your injury claim is a great decision. When the insurance company knows you have legal representation, it will take your claim seriously and hesitate a bit in using misleading tactics. Your attorney will make sure your initial claim letter is accurate and complete and includes all important supplemental documentation. 

Once a claims adjuster contacts you, it is best to give just basic information about the accident and let them contact your attorney if they want more details. Saying more can result in you saying things that can be used against you later. Your lawyer will guide you on how to properly navigate interactions with representatives from the insurance company. 

 A reliable car accident attorney can help you determine how to best approach a tough insurance claim adjuster. They can help reduce the chances of you experiencing pushbacks from the insurance company. Also, your attorney can give extra guidance and support if the company refuses to cooperate or act in bad faith. 

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