Simplify Your Life by Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Virginia

Choosing to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a great option in Virginia if you are suffering from debt and have no means to pay them off. While filing the case seems straightforward, you should also look for ways to make the entire process hassle-free and smooth.

Choosing the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

Virginia has many bankruptcy lawyers. Picking the right bankruptcy lawyer is extremely essential for your case. Talking to any of the experienced Chesapeake Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys will help you save from many unwanted situations and re-build your finances.

The John W. Lee, P.C. Law Firm has a team of highly experienced attorneys who have been dealing with bankruptcy cases for many years in Virginia. Your search for a good lawyer ends here as you will get the right one who has been working exclusively on cases just like yours.

They are conveniently located all along Hampton Road with offices in Virginia Beach, Newport News, Hampton, and Chesapeake. Since they are local, they are more familiar with the local peculiarities in the law.

Their attorneys attend every case with complete attention. The clients get timely and respectful responses from them. They will make you feel heard helping you to navigate the process with ease.

Check Your Creditor List

Once you have selected an attorney in Virginia for filing your bankruptcy case, it is advisable to check if you have listed your creditors properly. Address the errors on your report, if any, before you file a case.

Complete Your Mandatory Counseling on Time

There is a state mandatory credit counseling online course that is required to be completed by anyone who files a bankruptcy case in Virginia. You need to complete this course and submit your completion certificate to the court before proceeding further in the case. Try not to delay it till the last moment as it would unnecessarily cause further delays for your lawyer or the trustee.

Don’t Hide Your Finances

You need to be completely honest with your lawyer though it might be embarrassing to disclose your financial struggle.

  • Make a list of all your debts including personal loans
  • Be honest and disclose everything about your income and monthly expenditures
  • Avoid hiding any assets you have.

As a result, your lawyer gets a better knowledge of your situation. You will also get a sense of personal connection with your lawyer with the feel to work together smoothly on your bankruptcy case.

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