A Prenup agreement is signed to help protect the assets and debts of the partners, either in divorce or death. It helps to protect various assets like properties, pensions, investments accounts, stock, stock options and collections like art. The Prenup is usually drawn up to make things easier in case of a separation. However, there is a misconception that Prenup agreements are usually unfair. However, this is not always true. When a Prenup is drawn with an experienced Prenup Lawyer by your side, it can help to make things easier and be fair. However, not having a prenup can make things more complicated than they should be. When you don’t have a Prenup, it does not mean that the property will be equally divided between both parties. The property is divided as per the laws. Hence, not having a Prenup can also be grossly unfair. To make things simpler, we are here to tell you what can be included to make a Prenup agreement more reasonable.


One of the essential things that are included in the agreement is the assets that you would not want to divide after the divorce. Some of the things that you can include are homes, investment accounts, bank accounts, pensions, stocks, stock options, cryptocurrency, business interests and collections like art and furniture. These are just some of the things that you can include. Having a Prenuptial agreement will also help to protect your family inheritance.


When there are debts involved, it can make things far more complicated. A Prenup will help to exclude you from the equalization of the debt. If you wish you can put a clause stating that if one person pays off the other person’s debt, then the amount will have to be credited. This will help to make things simpler.

Children from Previous Relationships

Death can’t be foreseen. It is always better to be prepared than to be sorry. When you have children from previous relationships, you will want to protect their rights and interests. In a Prenup, you can leave them the assets and property.

Spousal Support

This is a clause some couples like to address in the agreement. You can include the terms and conditions of the spousal support like whether it would be paid or not. If it is being paid, then how much would it be and for how long? This mustn’t be confused with child support. Including child support in the Prenup cannot be considered reasonable. The amount to be paid as child support is usually dictated by the law.

Any other Clause you would like to include

In a Prenup, you can include whatever you would like. While deciding what to include and what not to, it is essential to ensure that the provisions are fair to both parties. The prenup agreement should not put anyone at a disadvantage. Having a lawyer by your side can help to make the process easier. They will assist you in drawing up a fair Prenup.

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