What to look for in a motorcycle accident attorney

A motorcycle accident can be extremely traumatic, especially if another party’s negligence or fault caused the accident. Finding a reasonable motorcycle accident attorney may not be easy if you are not aware of what to look for. The following are some things to look for in your prospective motorcycle accident attorney.

Qualifications and Knowledge 

This is among the most crucial factors to consider before hiring a motorcycle accident attorney. When hiring an accident attorney, you should ensure that the lawyer is knowledgeable, highly qualified, and has adequate experience dealing with motorcycle accidents. Ensure they know the regulations and laws involved in these cases and handle the insurance agencies and the law enforcers.

Legal Fees

This plays a crucial role in choosing a motorcycle accident attorney. It is essential to find out the lawyer’s fees to know whether you can afford to hire him or her lawyer.

Lawyer’s Commitment

Several attorneys may accept representing you just for your money; This might not be good for your case. You require an attorney who will be committed to the cause, someone who will be willing to fight fiercely to secure you justice.

Experience in negotiating with insurers

Often, insurance companies try to persuade the victim to accept an inadequate settlement for losses and injuries sustained in an accident case. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney should have the experience of dealing with such insurers. He or she should negotiate with the insurance company confidently and not hesitate to proceed to trial if the insurer fails to co-operate.

Success Rate

Before hiring an accident attorney, you should find out his or her success rate. If possible, you should get referrals from your attorney to contact past clients to know how the lawyer deals with similar cases. You should hire a motorcycle accident lawyer who has a high success rate with motorcycle accident cases.

History of handling similar cases

Each motorcycle accident is different. Your attorney should have adequate experience in dealing with cases similar to yours.


Communication is critical when you are hiring an accident attorney. Your attorney should notify you of every detail of the case. He or she should reveal to you the course of action in handling the case. Your attorney should update you on the developments of your case and be available whenever you need to ask questions. You should find out from your attorney their preferred communication mode, their frequency of communicating with clients, and the nature of their information with their customers before you hire the lawyer.

Availability of the Attorney

It will help if you avoid hiring an attorney who has many cases. Attorneys handling many patients may not be able to concentrate on your case. Therefore, you should find out about the lawyer’s availability before engaging them. If you often have to struggle to reach a lawyer, it can increase your stress. A reasonable attorney should readily be available to regularly update you on the case developments and answer your questions. He or she should set aside enough time for your case.

Area of Practice

It will help if you engage a local lawyer than hiring one from another area. The reason is that the local attorney knows the local regulations and laws, making it easier to deal with him or her. A local attorney may have contacts that can assist in getting necessary information regarding your case.


It is crucial to carry out appropriate research on the motorcycle accident attorney before hiring him or her. You should find out if the person has a good reputation by, for instance, contacting the bar association to check if any grievances or complaints have been labeled against the lawyer.

Attorney’s plan of handing the case

This is important for the eventual success of the case. Before hiring an attorney, know what his or her plan for your case is. Please speak to the attorney several times to find out their intended approach to your case.

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