Will I Be Eligible For Unemployment Benefits While Receiving Workers Compensation?

The workers’ compensation scheme has existed for over a hundred years. The motive of this program is to provide injured employees with replacement wages and medical coverage while they return back to work. One of the disadvantages of workers’ compensation law is you only receive 2/3rd of the average weekly wages. The Provo Personal Injury Lawyers can get you the maximum benefits which are 2/3rd and not more than that. 

Will I be eligible for unemployment benefits while receiving workers’ compensation?

People under workers’ compensation can obtain up to the maximum weekly benefit amount. For this reason, many people ask if they can file underemployment benefits while receiving workers’ compensation.

It may seem fair, but not sure what you want to listen to, but the law is the law. You are not allowed to receive underemployment benefits and workers’ compensation benefits at the same time. You might fall into a unique circumstance where you are collecting partial unemployment benefits by working part-time at the main job.  

It may feel extremely unfair that you will receive only 2/3rd of the weekly wage while on workers’ compensation. It can be scary to know that you will not be collecting your full salary while having workers’ compensation. If you think about it, you are not losing any money from your pocket. 

You might not qualify for unemployment benefits.

Just because you earn less than the entire salary on workers’ compensation, that does not mean you qualify for unemployment benefits. To collect unemployment benefits, you must do only part-time work. The sole reason you are not working is that you were hurt. Workers’ compensation benefits do not care whether you can not pay your bills. 

If you are out on workers’ compensation and thinking if you can apply for an unemployment scheme, you should call your personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will sit with you and consult your case. Sadly, you will not receive the expected answer. There are very few situations where you can collect workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits. In fact, it is so rare that most lawyers have come across them very few times. 

Your lawyer will review your workers’ compensation case and file. Your lawyer will negotiate a settlement with your insurance company if you are close to reaching full medical improvement. If it is not possible, your lawyer will find out a second opinion about what your permanent disability will be. 


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